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Dealer Opportunites

Whether you’re a commercial furniture, AV, IT, electrical or other vendor, partnering with us can be of mutual benefit. Many clients struggle with noise and speech privacy issues. They don’t realize that a solution is available to address their acoustic concerns – one that can even be retrofitted with minimal disruption.

We’ve established excellent relationships with several local dealers and welcome the opportunity to meet with you to review your client’s needs as well. You can request turnkey service or involve us at any stage of the project as required. Our superior technology and strong commitment to customer satisfaction will help enhance your reputation as a full-service dealership.

Contact us to discuss these opportunities and a showroom installation today!

Ten Tips for Selling Sound Masking

  1. Position your company as a solutions provider. Ensure clients know you’re knowledgeable about a variety of products that can assist them in creating an effective workplace.
  2. Motivate your sales reps to ask each client about their acoustic concerns and to raise the topic of sound masking. Ensure they’re all knowledgeable enough to explain why clients need sound masking and how it works.
  3. Speak to clients with both new and existing facilities. A sound masking system can be installed at any time. It’s to your advantage to make each client aware of the benefits, even if they don’t plan to immediately purchase the system. They’ll remember you should they experience problems in their space.
  4. Explain that sound masking is a less expensive way of achieving speech privacy and noise control. When installed in a new project, it can reduce costs by decreasing the need for high-spec construction and additional acoustical materials. When retrofit, no remodeling is required.
  5. Focus on your client’s return on investment. By reducing distractions, employees will remain on task longer and be less prone to making errors. These two factors contribute to increased productivity, which can more than offset the cost of sound masking over time. Sound masking also increases facility flexibility. It allows furniture reconfiguration and higher densities without sacrificing acoustic comfort or speech privacy.
  6. Provide an excellent product. A sound masking system can be in a facility for decades. Ensure you’re confident of its capabilities and the results it’ll provide in both the short- and long-term. You’re recommending a third-party product and your reputation is on the line. You want your clients to continue to be happy with their purchase.
  7. If your client is pursuing LEED® certification, make them aware of the acoustic impact of green design and how sound masking can help. For example, it improves acoustic performance in spaces with a large percentage of open plan and low workstation partitions.
  8. Work with a vendor who’s committed to providing the same level of customer satisfaction. By combining resources, they can enhance your reputation as a solutions provider and a full-service dealership. They must be able to support all aspects of the sales, installation and customer service process, helping to ensure your client’s sound masking system always performs to the highest level.
  9. Install a sound masking system in your showroom so that you can invite customers in and give them a demonstration.
  10. Encourage your team to gather references and success stories, which will aid in making future sales.

Together, we can develop the plan that works best for you. We can also provide showroom installations, training and promotional materials for your team. Contact us today!